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Ajibadde Biography

Ajibadde Biography

Full Name: Emmanuel Amos Sunday

Stage Name: Ajibadde, also known as A.J Star

Date Of Birth: Born on the 28th of August 2002

Religion: Christian

Place Of Birth: Benue State

Place Of Residence: Oba-isin

State Of Origin: Benue State

Country: Nigeria

Educational Life: Started his primary school at baptist primary school Oba isin kwara state in the years 2008, and finished in 2015.

He also attended community secondary school, which is located in Oba isin, and finished in the year 2021, and now in federal polytechnic offa Kwara state.

Family Life: Ajibadde was born into the family of Mr Emmanuel, and his mother’s name is Grace. He was the first born of the family.

Musical Life: Ajibadde is a well known and highly inspiring nigerian musician. He started his music career since when he was a kid at the age of 10 years.

“Having this dream of becoming a musician and thank God I have been able to manage my music career”, Ajibadde Said.

Numbers Of Feactures: Currently has 10 feactures@2024, and still counting.

Name’s Of Song: Some of this previous recorded tracks are Joy giver, Pammy, Ori, Iba, Mule, Heavenly Father, Ago igbala, After me, Sad mood, Endless Rap, Fine gal e.t.c.

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