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Emem Femi Biography / Age / Career

Emem Femi Biography / Age / Career

Emem Femi Biography / Age / Career

Peace Femi Arakulo, widely known by her stage name emem femi is a nigerian fast rising gospel singer, born on the 27th of june, 1978 in etebi eket akwa Iibom state of Nigeria.

She was born into a polygamous family,her parents were mr and mrs okon etinwa,she was the sixth child of the family.

Emem is married to mr femi dada arakolu,and they are blessed with three children.

She attended community primary school Iikot mbo. She also explains some of her challenges growing up in a polygamous family.

Emem said sometimes, she left school to follow her parents to the farm and stay out of school for over a week,that her mother and she used to do some domestic work for people in other to be able to feed.

Emem Femi Biography / Age / Career

She says after her primary education, she was not able to start her secondary school on time,that she was able to finished her secondary school education before she moved to the city and learn model computer graphic.

Pushed further for self-development and got a certificate on leadership,strategy and development.

She also made it known to the public that her life experiences has inspired her to encourage others through music,and to draw men to God.

She also shared life experience of her working as a sale girl, housemaid and hawking of difference kinds of goods,and also work as a receptionist.

“I am grateful to God for who I am today, and how he has turn my life around”, emem says.


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