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Ibro Baba Biography, Networth, Career

Ibro Baba Biography

Ibro Baba Biography

Full Name: Yahaya ibrahim bamidele

Stage name: Ibro baba

Date Of Birth: Born in 1992

Religion: Muslim

Place of birth: Kabba kogi state nigeria

Place of residence: Osun state

State of origin: Kogi state

Country: Nigeria

Ibro Baba Biography

Educational Life: Ibro baba is a nigerian well known musician. He attended JNI primary school located in kabba.also moved on to his secondary school in ayetoro gbede kogi state.

Latter proceed to college of education in akure.

Family Life: Came from an extended family of six children, he’s the fourth born.

Musical Life: He started his music career at the age of 28, that’s when he released his first track, but have been having interest in music right from his childhood.

When he was small, he so much love dancing and singing before he letter go to arabic school. One or two ways, withdrawal back from his music career.

After some years, his talent speaks out before releasing his first track.

Many times he’s hustling or riding his bike, he do sing for his passengers and friends, because he was a bike man.

From there, he was encouraged by a lot of people and they advised him to make use of his talent that he should try and go to studio and record his songs.

Since then, he have been trying his best to make it to the top.


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